Emily Zmak is a graduating Communications and International Studies double major at Trinity Western University. She has spent two semesters abroad and uses this blog as an opportunity to regurgitate the adventures of travel — when she updates, which isn’t very often.

Emily has held a variety of odds-and-ends jobs to get through her university degree. Her favorite job thus far was working as the Meetings Intern at the Council on Foreign Relations, where her tasks ranged from drafting letters to organizing foreign policy meetings. She also memorized a style guide and edited her supervisors’ works. Emily’s other experiences include her time as the communications assistant for the TWU Alumni Association, teaching soccer to rowdy boys in an afterschool program, working as a graphic design intern to the Canadian Bible Society, and her random stint as a hotel receptionist at a trucker motel. Her time there had a steep learning curve in the culture of truck drivers. University does not prepare one for such a unique crowd of people.

Emily has taken courses on Photoshop, PowerPoint, and InDesign, and has written articles for the Academy section of her university newspaper. When not studying Third World regimes and winning online spelling bees, Emily can be found memorizing thesauri and writing about herself in the third person. She likes lazy Sundays, long walks on the beach, and mochas in front of a warm fire.



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