So Many Papers

Dear Friends and Family,

I will give you a beautiful blog post in a few days. Until then, please sympathize with me — I have five papers due Wednesday. I have been rotating between half-hearted work and complete procrastination for the past three days.

A handful of my assignments require several pages of self-reflection. Self-reflection. What a terrible, tragic subject matter. Who would want to write about themselves and their feelings for pages and pages?? (for a more information on this unfortunate reality, see These self-reflection assignments have been unwanted acquaintances this semester; I usually make up content an hour or two before they are due. Folks, it can get very ugly.

I’ve included a quote that, in a fit of mockery and contempt for the number of assignments, I wrote as the introduction to one of these reflections.

Over the course of this semester, I have metamorphosed from a fledgling dove to an American bald eagle, changing from an emblem of passivity into an emblem of national greatness.

Is it too much? Does it convey a slight sense of sarcasm? I’m going for subtlety.

Well, let us hope that their b.s.-sensor is wearing thin by the time they get to my essay. That is the advantage of having a last name start with “Z”. They just smack an A+ on your paper because they are rejoicing to be done.

I will be rejoicing Wednesday night.

Until then,
An Emblem of National Greatness

p.s. I have begun the annual Zmak Christmas Letter. For those of you not fortunate enough to receive our letter in the mail, it will be posted on the blog after our favorites have received it.

hard at work!

Hard at work!


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