Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Hi all,

As always, I am alive and well. Hurricanes in DC, earthquakes in Israel, elevators in the Department of Homeland Security — nothing keeps me down for long.

We got a bit wet, but the winds were relatively harmless and we didn’t even have lightening. New York got the brunt of it. You should keep in mind that when watching the news, they show the most dramatic and alarming photos. Most places here in the city are already back in business. To give you an idea of how secure we are, we never lost power and I often couldn’t hear the wind. Twenty miles west, however, roofs were blown off. It’s amazing how such a large storm can affect so many places so differently.

New York City had buildings torn apart, electrical explosions, flooded subways, collapsing cranes, mass evacuations, power outages, and up to 13 feet of water in Manhattan. Keep them in your prayers. You may have already seen this on the news, but watch this clip. It will blow your socks off.

I’ve put some pictures below. You’ll notice that many of the leaves are still on our trees (although MANY blew off). I also added some shots of our collapsing, water-riddled ceilings and sopped floors. There’s a picture of a downed tree that I stole from Twitter — it fell on a car about six blocks from here. There’s also a picture of me posing on the roof. This caused a bit of drama in the family. Don’t worry; I’m smart. The reason I’m still kicking is because I don’t stand next to metal poles on the roof in the middle of nor’easter/hurricane/tropical/thunder-storm. I took the picture at 2 and Sandy rolled in at 7.

Much love from a pair of cold, wet feet,


Funny sticky notes from the roommate that I put on the window.

As you can see, we fared pretty well. This is looking down on my street from our (still attached) rooftop.

Although the roof stayed attached, it did not do so great. Here’s a picture of my feet and the soaking carpets. Water dripped down the inside of the walls and seeped in from the baseboards.

Here I am pretending to be a lot more stupid than I am. The day was very calm until Sandy rolled in at 7.

Here’s a tweeted picture about six blocks from here. The over-soaked soil and 50mph winds knocked this tree down.

Here’s pictures of our apartment. We had the pots and pans at the ready for the incessant drip, drip, drips. Tough life on the top floor!


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