Better Late than Never

Greetings from the soon-to-be-swept-into-the-ocean-by-a-hurricane East Coast,

If I were an over-dramatic person, I would tell you that this may be the last time you will read my words. And as I am an over-dramatic person, I will tell you that I may be washed into the Atlantic Ocean by Hurricane Sandy this weekend. Don’t worry, though. Mom taught me to swim.

It’s been a long time since my last post, so my apologies. This post is in honor of my grandfather’s 80th birthday, yay! I told him I would update, so I am :)

Last time I wrote, I was bundled up in the quiet peace of Montreal. If I recall correctly, I had just feasted on a home-cooked meal and had slept in that morning. Alas, life moves on. I’m back to frozen chicken strips and 7am alarms. If you detect a slight tinge of bitterness while reading today, just know it is the longing for my dog. If you detect a slight tinge of insanity while reading today, just know it is my only way of ignoring my dog’s absence.

I went and saw the movie Argo, and I highly recommend it. It’s a thriller set in the 1970s. It documents the under-told story of the Tehran hostage crisis, and the narrative of six Americans who snuck out of the back of the embassy. They were soon rescued by the Canadian embassy, who didn’t know what to do with them. A daring CIA rescue mission ensues; the story is stranger than fiction. I would go so far as to say that it is one of my all-time favorite films. There is a bit of language, be warned, but not much violence and little graphic imagery.

One aspect of the ASP program is what they call Bus Days, or community engagement get-outside-and-do-something days. This past weekend, three girls and I were “sent” to Historical Anacostia, which is a part of DC, on the other side of the river. It was a very educational experience. Our bus pulled up to cracked sidewalks, grated windows, and bare sidewalks at 9am on Saturday morning. We sidled up to a sketchy, dingy looking restaurant called Tony’s; one of the girls in my group had found amazing reviews for it online. The only reason we actually ended up eating there was because of the stream of locals. It seemed about ready to fall over. I walked in and said, “$3.19 for three slices of french toast and bacon? No way.” BUT IT WAS DELICIOUS. Don’t judge a book by its cover, especially when you don’t even get food poisoning.

After our ghetto breakfast, and after a back-alley filled with utility vans and the occasional police car, our feet carried us towards an old, vintage church. We were just hanging out on its steps, taking pictures and planning our day, when a man and his daughter walked by. One of our girls, being a very friendly Californian, struck up a conversation. I can understand why he was confused. It’s not every Saturday morning that you meet four white girls in a very minority neighborhood taking pictures on the church steps at 10am.

He asked us if we were an outreach. We told him we were part of a Christian program, but only as students. He then asked us if we were going to church there on Sunday, but we told him we were part of a local church back in our part of town. Finally, he asked us if we had “a car or something.” He really asked if we had a card, as in contact information, but we misunderstood. We told him, “Oh no, we just bused here.” When he asked, “Well, you got a number or sumthin’?”, we told him our bus number. He was really (and rightly) confused.

As him and his daughter walked off, he asked us to keep him and his family in our prayers. We all chimed that we most certainly would. They began to leave, and normal girly chatter began again. But just before they stepped out of hearing range, I heard him say to his girl: “Well, I’ll be. Maybe they were angels or sumthin.” It certainly made my day.

HAVE YOU VOTED? I have. Vote, please! If only for the sake of exercising your right as a citizen, you should vote. I don’t even care who you vote for (ok, that was a lie), but you should vote. I will love you all the same, even if you elect the Green Party.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Department of Homeland Security to participate in an open, conversation-styled forum with two speakers, so I’ve kept this post brief. I’ve got to wake up early because security is supposed to take a half hour! Yikes. My program director double-checked to make sure I was American; Canadian citizenship would have complicated things. I told him I was a red-, white- and blue-blooded American, but thanks for asking. :) I’ll give ya’ll an update about it later.

Good night, and much love,


p.s. TWU STUDENTS. Course selection is so difficult, yes? Have you noticed all the classes are on Tuesday and Thursday? What the heck! Here is my tentative course selection. Hannah, April, Kayla, Shiona, et. al…I hope something works out.

COMM 411
COMM 310
POLS 440
ANTH 210
ECON 230
RELS 250

Exploration weekends in DC!

Exploration weekends in DC!


2 thoughts on “Better Late than Never

  1. Hey Em! Good to read your words! It sounds like your busy busy busy:) don’t worry, you can sleep next year! Luv you:)

  2. Very interesting blog Em, thanks for dedicating it to me on my 80th birthday. Good luck on the storm coming your way and be SAFE ! Love. Gpa. Z

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