Secret Service, Tornado Warnings, and Book Sales

My Dad and I have had a very common, long-distance conversation for a while now. He asks me if I’ve drank enough water, and I ask him if he’s eaten dinner.

Seven years ago –yep, seven, (7), siete, sept, 七, سبعة, семь, επτά– I made the fatal mistake of coming home dehydrated from an 8th Grade trip. Since then, this drinking misjudgment has haunted my world travels, and I’ve never found relief from its dry and dusty shadow.

On the other hand, when my father moved to Montreal, he decided cooking was too much of an effort, and ate out or not at all.

We’re like a support group. He eats, I drink. But lately our conversations have evolved a bit. I still ask what he had for dinner, but now he just raises his eyebrow and asks me: “Have you updated your blog?”

Apparently blog-posting is more important than water.

The moral of this brief introduction?

It’s a miracle that I’m still alive, because I haven’t been on WordPress in two weeks. If blogging really is more important than water, I’m nearly dead.

So what’s up with the silence, you ask? (You’re always so kind to ask me questions that happen to move the conversation along. Your timing is impeccable, really.) Well, I’ve been busy.

My internship has started and I’ve been hands-on since Day 1. I’ve officially worked eight days and helped with about five conferences. This morning we hosted the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, for a conversation on U.S.-Mexico relations. I got to help check-in the whole delegation, and I ran mics throughout the session. The most exciting part, in my opinion, was the Secret Service.

We had a full metal detector and search group installed for the event, and then there was also the Secret Service K-9 Squad and Secret Service Bomb Squad, plus the Mexican Secret Service. Men in suits with ear pieces were everywhere. When I was preparing to enter the conference room, where I would run mics to the members who wanted to speak, I talked briefly with one of our Secret Service men. His job was basically to guard the door that I was supposed to enter. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind entering through the back of the room, instead. I asked him (cheekily): “Would that make you happier?” He laughed and told me to get on with it. I’m probably on the Secret Service blacklist now. Oops.

You can BRIEFLY see my hand in this video. I take the mic back from the questioner at 0:55:44.

Another little adventure I’ve had at work was on this past Tuesday. DC had flash flood and tornado warnings for the District, but my supervisor needed a C.D. from the National Geographic Society. So I hailed a cab, clamored through the soaking and blustery streets, found the society, and burst through the doors. For the first time in my life, I was actually in a position where my title mattered. I was shown through their courtyards because I was from CFR. The security guard took my name, called the woman I was to meet with, and encouraged me to look around the National Geographic exhibit while I waited. It was awesome.

It is probably no surprise to hear this, but many of the students in my class are active with the Republican party. I haven’t been involved with either political group, but it’s because I’ve been tainted by the Canadian parliamentary system — I simply cannot fathom the reasoning of having only two parties. It’s confining. Regardless, a group of my peers was planning on attending the Young Republicans of America meeting.

Innocently, I asked: “Oh cool. Is it like a bunch of university students who get together and discuss policy?”

The student responded, “No, no. Young Republicans are for people up to 40.”

And, without thinking, I said, “Hah! The Young Democrats of America probably cut off at 12.”

I think I insulted her. Oops.

I thought I was funny, but maybe she doesn’t enjoy jokes about demographic proportions.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been visiting a lot of Smithsonians lately. I’ve really been enjoying it. I went to the Air and Space Museum a few weeks ago and LOVED it. If you ever have the opportunity to take an astronomy class (Tdubers – PHYS 215), take it. Please. It puts God’s creation in such a perspective, and it really reminds you of how insignificant you are. I get so excited thinking about black holes.

Moving on.

The local library was having a massive sale and I WENT HAYWIRE. It was super exciting, so I spent a whopping $4.75 on four books and a few comics for my sister. Don’t tell her, however, since it’s supposed to be a surprise.

Speaking of home, I got another package! I was pleased. If you’ve forgotten to send one, don’t worry. I’m here all week. And next week, too.

This photo was taken by one of the students this evening. I’m in jeans and a green sweater in the front row.

It’s just about my bedtime, so I’ll end on one final story. I do have a student job here: I’m one of two community event planners. On Saturday night we held our “Season Opener,” so to speak, called the Rooftop Mocktail Party. Everyone dressed to the nines, and we served faux champagne, mint julep, lime margaritas, and strawberry daiquiris. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the temperature spiked to a balmy 75 for the night. The funniest part, however, had to be the dozen, 100% sober, Christian university students crowded around a table for a drinking game. I think it was all the more fun because we couldn’t blame our (lack of) skill on alcohol. I’ll try to post pictures later in the week.

I was talking to my dad the other night, and he told me: “Have a good evening, get some rest, do your homework.”

I laughed and said, “Yep, in that order.”

We had a bit of an argument. He claims he said, “Have a good evening. Get some rest. Do your homework!”

But I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it was a checklist.

…and I still haven’t gotten to the last item.

Much love,


p.s. Sorry if there are typos, but I’m too lazy to read through this again. Bed time!

p.p.s. Sorry Aunt Pam, for the long delay. Word got back to me that you were tired of waiting.


One thought on “Secret Service, Tornado Warnings, and Book Sales

  1. Well! Welome back to your blog! Haha, from the pics your posting it looks like you do have time to blog but oh No, your chosing to be social and have fun when your not working! Huh…. Hehehe
    Cant wait to see you in a couple months and hear what you will have taken away from this expeirience.
    Love u and dont forget about us out here dehydrating without your bloging:((()))))

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