Snapshots from My Cell

Don’t worry. I will post REAL photos soon.


This is my sassy stance. It means I mean business. It could also mean that I’m in DC and quite excited.



This is the National Building Museum. Is it a museum of a national building? Is it a museum of THE national building? Is it the national museum about building? Or are they building the national museum? I really don’t know.



This is the Civil War memorial, right around the corner from the White House. Don’t worry: they did a background check on the guy with the sword. He’s allowed to be armed.



You guessed it: The Washington Monument. Or, should I say, the Closed Until Further Noticed Monument. Or, I could say, the Monument of the Gigantic Crack (war on drugs, anyone?).



This is the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center. Note the quote. They keep things classy in this neck of the woods.



Yes, this is the White House. You can kind of see the cherry pickers in the front yard; the Obama’s were having their windows cleaned.



This is a beautiful house on Embassy Row. That’s where I want to be when I grow up.



This is none other than THE Irish American Air Force Folk band. Or something like that!



This is a snapshot from the Postal Museum. I honestly highly recommend it. It’s way more exciting than it sounds. Plus, they gave me 6 free, vintage postage stamps!!



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