A Trip to the Capital

At my Aunt Pam’s request, I have re-vamped the old blog. :)

This semester I will be studying in Washington, D.C., for 4 months. It is through the CCCU’s BestSemester program, and I am taking a total of 16 credits–10 class credits and 6 internship credits. In addition, I will be volunteering about 30 hours in the semester.

(If you want off the email list, now is the time to bail!)

I am staying in apartment-styled housing across the street from my classes, and I will be living about 6 blocks from the White House. As of right now, I have a one-way ticket to the East Coast. We’ll see if I return :)

Skyline from the roof of my new apartment, which includes a view of the Capital Building.

I am studying American public policy. There are two D.C. programs offered by BestSemester. The first is a journalism school, and the second is called the American Studies Program. I am in the second after considerable debate and multiple pros-and-cons lists. I decided that I don’t want to write for newspapers! Additionally, I’ve never had a comprehensive American education (I blame the Canadian high schools, hehe) so I feel that I am required, as an American citizen, to study my own government :)

Many people ask me what “I want to do when I grow up.” At this point, I would love to be a diplomat and I am really hoping/praying that the experiences I have in D.C. will help solidify this aspiration. I have applied to intern in multiple places, and I have heard back from one. I will let you know soon what my final decision is!

I fly out on the 22nd, and the program begins on the 23rd.

Well, that’s about all the information I have to give. I must go continue packing. How does one fit their life into 2 suitcases?

Much love,



2 thoughts on “A Trip to the Capital

  1. You see Em, i just love reading about your adventures! Ok, its your life but I’ve been to Africa, China,Israel,Palenstine and now D.C. with you!
    Woohoo! Love you:)))
    Auntie Pameeelaaaaa

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