Al Basma


We went to Al Basma, a half-day care facility for mentally handicapped youth and young adults. It is owned and operated by Rhys’ and Dan’s homestay family, and has been running since the mid 1980s. They promote self confidence and teach skills, including paper making, weaving, and olive oil production.

There is a large handicapped population here because of poverty, which pressures families to marry cousins; this keeps both dowries and inheritances in the family.

Anyway, we spent our day at the house with their students. This picture is of my two leaders on the lawn, where they often hold dramas.


One thought on “Al Basma

  1. Wow, Emily. You are getting such great first hand experience. Praying for you and your team…your health, safety and effectiveness. All that God is, He is for you. Hugs, Grammy

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