We’ve Arrived!

I am writing from my cozy room in Bethlehem, Palestine. We arrived without a hitch and the six of us went our separate ways in pairs. I am boarding with Emily Gemmell in Bethlehem proper, and the boys and the two girls are in two other homestays located in the suburbs. It’s a bit of a change from our communal Nazareth setting, so just pray that the team settles in fine. We’re about 20 minutes away by car. Em and I are with a great family of aunts and uncles and cousins, etc. There are several children running around.

My four other teammates are working at a Christian community center in Bethlehem. Em and I will be working in Jerusalem; we will be bussing into a reconciliation office for women and doing some English work for them.

Tomorrow our coordinators will be showing us around Bethlehem. This is a huge blessing since the six of us are quite separated and we’ll be going through separation anxiety ;)

Thanks for your prayers!


One thought on “We’ve Arrived!

  1. Hi Em,
    Prayers are with you and the team. Will you be seeing your other team members at all in the next week or two? How do you communicate with the families your staying with? (i loved your smile story) send pics when you can:)
    Love you!

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