To Bethlehem We Go

Today we are leaving for Bethlehem. It is so hard to say goodbye to all the people we have met here, but we’re very excited for the adventures awaiting us in the West Bank.

I’ll write as much as I can while we’re waiting for our taxi to pick us and our bags up.

One of my favorite things that we’ve done in this past week was a prayer walk through the city. We split into three teams of three and walked through Nazareth. We prayed for different parts of the city and with people we had met during our stay. It was a really nice conclusion to the three weeks we’ve lived in this city.

Another thing we did that i really enjoyed was our last group workday. We ended up weeding in the hot sun, which sounds terrible, but was actually a fun switch up from my hours in the hospital.

Ok, taxis here. Gotta go, but I’ll update in Bethlehem if we’ve got internet.



One thought on “To Bethlehem We Go

  1. Yea! There you are!
    🎶🎶oh little Town of Bethlehem🎶🎶(singing to you) :)
    Tell me more… Love you

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