One Week!

Marhaba! It has officially been one week since I touched down in the holy land. I apologize for not updating. I got up with the sun each morning and it seemed like I was running until the late hours of the night all week. I will briefly sum up the work that I have done.

I work Monday to Thursday in the hospital, and Fridays are our group work day. I spend two days a week in the occupational therapy of the psych ward, and two days with the hospital chaplain. In the psych ward I do arts and crafts with women who are generally struggling with suicide and depression. The chaplain’s work is very varied, and I have done activities ranging from befriending Muslim nursing students to singing “Hosanna” in the children’s ward.

Yesterday, my whole team and I spent our hours in the Nazareth Village. It is a first century farm on the hospital property that was discovered in the mid 20th century. It is a big tourist attraction with two purposes. First, it supports the hospital’s work. Second, it evangelizes about the life of Jesus to each visitor. I spent my morning in first century costume pruning grape vines and my afternoon packing oil lamps–the village’s symbol, because Christ was a light to the world. They are given to every visitor.

We have Saturdays off, so today we all walked part of the Jesus trail to Cana, where Jesus turned water to wine. It took us 6 hours to walk there and 20 minutes to bus back! I now have a huge respect for the disciples. When Jesus said “Follow me,” he really was saying, “Prepare for sore feet and muscles under a sweltering sun on a dusty path without enough water or money as we hike across the entire promised land for a wedding, at which we will arrive burnt and swollen but unable to complain or whine.” :) it really was a beautiful walk though! I really enjoyed it, even if we got lost every now and then.

Well, I have church in a few hours, so I’d best grab some shut eye. Sorry for any typos, but I’m on a small screen again!

I promise to check in more often this week.

P.S. we had an earthquake on Friday night. It was a 5.3 out of Cyprus. Nothing even toppled, but it was still shocking :)


3 thoughts on “One Week!

  1. It sounds as if you and your team are doing exactly what you went for. Working! Loved your
    update. We continue to pray for all of you.
    OX Grammy and Papa

  2. Emily, thanks for sharing your updates with us. Continuing to pray for you.

    Gramma Helen

  3. Hi Em, you are a calming light to these women in the psych ward .
    Question…1st century costume would be what? Its fascinating to hear all your daily expeiriences. Xoxo!

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