Hospital in Nazareth

Good morning! I apologize for any typos, but it is difficult to write so much on such a little screen.

Today is the second morning we’ve had in the holy land. It is a quarter to seven, and I would just like to highlight how much of an early bird I’m becoming. :)

The time difference is 9 hours, I believe.

We are staying at the Nazareth Hospital and I just finished eating a breakfast I made of a strawberry granola bar, a scrambled egg (made in a pot and stirred with a fork, because I make American breakfast even without the proper tools), a glass of milk, and a small block of cheese.

The hospital is 150 years old, and was founded by an Armenian Christian doctor in the late 1800s. He was sent out by the scottish medical mission to Jerusalem. However, he found a multitude of other doctors in the city, but realized there was no ministry/medical between Jerusalem and the coast. And the hospital was born. In the 1980s, the hospital underwent a lot of change because of equal employment laws in Israel. This was largely the governments attempt to put its citizens in medical jobs. Although the hospital has remained owned and managed by a Christian board, its staff is now very diverse and inter-religious.

Well, it’s my turn for the shower.

Love, Em



One thought on “Hospital in Nazareth

  1. Good Morning Sweet Girl, Sounds like you guys are off to a running start. Today we pray that God will show Himself, Jehovah Rohi..the Good Shepherd that tends to the needs of His sheep. Wonderful picture of the sunrise.
    Love you more than scrambled eggs in a pan! Grammy

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