Our Team Creed

Hello again! I thought I’d share our team creed. We like to pray it together at the end of our team meetings. It has some beautiful imagery. I should mention that we stole this from the internet :)

We believe that God is present

in the darkness before dawn;

in the waiting and uncertainty

where fear and courage join hands,

conflict and caring link arms,

and the sun rises over barbed wire.


We believe in a with-us God

who sits down in our midst

to share our humanity.


We affirm a faith that takes us beyond a safe place:

into action, into vulnerability, and onto the streets.


We commit ourselves to work for change

and put ourselves on the line;

to bear responsibility, take risks,

live powerfully,

and face humiliation;

to stand with those on the edge;

to choose life and be used by the Spirit

for God’s new community of hope.



:) Emily


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