Hello! I hope you are all doing well. Here is my itinerary, if you’d like to know when and where I’ll be. Our Israeli and Palestinian dates are still a bit up in the air — the Westerner’s sense of time is different than the Middle East’s! They are not nearly as rigid with the schedules :)

May 3 :: Leave Vancouver International Airport at 8:40 pm

May 4 :: Arrive at Heathrow, England, at 1:40 pm. Depart for Tel Aviv International Airport at 10:30 pm.

May 5 :: Arrive in Tel Aviv at 5:25 am. We will catch a bus from Tel Aviv to Nazareth, Israel.

Approximately May 26 :: Leave Tel Aviv and arrive in Bethlehem, Palestine.

Possibly June 5 :: A day trip into Jerusalem where we may meet up with a Trinity Western University professor at her family.

June 14 :: Depart Tel Aviv International Airport at 8:05 am; arrive in Heathrow, England, at 11:35 am. I land in Dallas, TX, at 7:20 pm as my final destination for the day!


That’s all for now folks :)



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